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    Farms for Sale in Ontario |?Farm Sale Representative |
    ​Youming Zhao,? P.Ag.? M.Sc. (Agr)? ? ?Tel: 905-807-9368?

    You-Me Together, We N?Make A Difference!
    Buy & Sell Your Farm

    Youming Zhao

    P.Ag.????? M. Sc(Agr)?????? Sales Representative

    ?Specialties and Experience:?

    ?? ?Vineyard, fruit, vegetable, crop and animal farms
    ?? ?Wineries, greenhouses, resorts, forests and meat plants

    ?? ?Sale and long-term leaseback
    ????Operated Chinese-nadian Farm Start Program since 2007

    ??? References available upon request

    ?? ?Farm listings wanted

    ????Realty Sale Achievement Award Since 2013
    ?? ?Chinese nadian Business Association-Business Excellent Award 2011
    ??? House of Commons nada, nada-China Trade Promotion Award 2016

    ?Give Back (Donor for):?
    ?? ?nadian Agriculture Future: 4 H nada / Ontario
    ??? nadian Mental Health in Agriculture: “The Do More Agriculture Foundation“
    ?? ?Hope, Healing, Discovery: St. Joseph’s Healthre Foundation

    905.807.9368 ? ? ? ? info@cgr.com
    ​​0ver 30 years of nadian-Chinese agri-industry experience to serve you!